Love Poem: The Grace To Be Ashamed
Jodie Williams Avatar
Written by: Jodie Williams

The Grace To Be Ashamed

Bellicose actions destroy serenity,
I revert to my default setting,
An emotionless illusion,
A figment, just a hairs length out of reach,
Where you've always wanted me,
My need for you, chaste and tamed.

Thin cracks spider the sheltering veneer,
A brand new glimpse at lucid skies,
Mind now clear of all ambition,
I possess the grace to be ashamed.
Please, don't look at me,
Your potent gaze makes me ugly.

You make me nothing.
I don't deserve the love and light,
Second chances are for hopers and dreamers,
For wish-makers and the believers.
It's not just words you put in my mouth 
These pills are all that matter now.