Love Poem: Take Me To Your Leader
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Written by: Nina Parmenter

Take Me To Your Leader

When the Martians came to visit, 
In their pan-galactic speeder,
I said “Oh hello, what is it?”
They said, “Take me to your leader!”

Well, I did as they suggested -
I’m a dreadful people pleaser,
But of course, they got arrested...
Cos they didn’t have a visa.

In a vile detention lock-up,
They’ve met Earthlings by the dozen,
Cos all faiths and nations pop up,
“We love Earth!” they beep, “It’s buzzing!”

While their friends in Immigration,
(Who must rue the day they caught them),
Figure out with trepidation,
How on EARTH they might deport them.

1 August 2018
For Take Me To Your Leader Contest
Sponsored by Caren Krutsinger