Love Poem: Sweet Valentine Sunshine
Gershon Wolf Avatar
Written by: Gershon Wolf

Sweet Valentine Sunshine

What is Sweetness 
  but sugar 
  in a lump or a cube?

Or perhaps honey
  flowing freely,
  unrestricted by a tube.

Ah, forget not chocolate,
  Be it white or be it dark;
  Nor syrup oozing
  o'er a pancake,
  or straight from the tree in the park.

Then there's licorice, cinnamon,
  Oranges, apples, and peaches;
Bananas, dates, pineapples,
  Or ice cream sundaes at beaches.

The list seems endless,
  On and on and on; 
  But your sweet rays of sunshine,
       My Valentine,
  Are, for me, Number One.