Love Poem: Sunshine Song
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Written by: Subimal Sinha-Roy

Sunshine Song

I sing allured the sunshine song for you, 
night lifts silver shroud from curved satin sky.
The canvas of draped dawn sunburst hues dye, 
embellish pearl meadow with dulcet dew.
I float on day dream in fervent morn new, 
an enthralled nightingale flying you by,
I sing allured.
Radiance flows on your face from the blue,
to echo my song in your heart I try. 
Twilight golden dusts all around me fly,
in the whistling wind rippling gently through,
I sing allured.


October 15, 2022
Syllable count : 10 per line (HMS)
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Contest : Rousing Rondine
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