Love Poem: Stairway To Wise Woman Faerie Cottage
Caren Krutsinger Avatar
Written by: Caren Krutsinger

Stairway To Wise Woman Faerie Cottage

Stairway to Wise Woman Faerie Cottage
I found it when I was eight
Spent many an hour inside
Learning the wizen ways of a sorceress

Wise Woman confided she was looking for a novice
to be trained to replace her when the time came
The time was apparently this week
For the stairway had disappeared for fifty years

Today it is back. I eagerly skip up the steps
Ready to see Wise Woman.
Her flesh is gone, but her spirit is all over the cottage
Reminding me, and teaching me

I am amazed that I remember her magic
And how to produce light and love in others
Wise Woman magic, taught by the queen of the woods,
My new title, whispered quietly among the elves and faeries