Love Poem: Soul So Rare

Soul So Rare

I see you fit
In my puzzle, I gotta admit
In my plans, and I wanna commit.

I see you fit in my heart,
And now I am giving you the credit.
For you give it a glow,
In the low.
You give it a flow,
And now its like im a coustean.

No doubt your soul is rare,
So pure, so welcoming.
And I'd be so mad at myself for not trying,
To win your soul so inestimable,
Converge it with mine
And orchestrate life with you.
With my hand in yours,
And your hand in mine.

I am not letting the opportunity pass me by
So now I plead
Would you allow my soul have a hold of yours?
Atleast do me an honor 
And allow me to know you better.