Love Poem: Sinuous Melody
John Watt Avatar
Written by: John Watt

Sinuous Melody

                           Your face
                        is a love song 
                     of exquisite and matchless appeal

                Your eyes 
              a duet of violin and cello
             sonorous, deep 

          Your hair 
         an orchestra of euphonious instruments
         playing in cohesive harmony

           Your smile
             a fantasia 
               of unearthly delight

                   Your teeth 
                    a legato line of 32nd notes
                    in a concerto played to perfection

                  Your hands
                a conductor’s baton
              emoting wordlessly

          Your voice 
       a rhapsody
   of supernal joy

 Your heart
a sumptuous lyric
a poetic paragon

  Your soul
     a sacred oratorio 
      set apart and holy
      You are a sinuous melody 
    I can’t get out of my head
 …nor will I ever wish to