Love Poem: She, of the Onyx Crown
Kate  Davies Avatar
Written by: Kate Davies

She, of the Onyx Crown

Beauty of yours, informed by moon's illume,
Irises lilac, heaven sent thee here,
Adducing stock's spiced vanilla perfume,
My heart all consumed, I must have your ear.

Oh, creature of mourn, what love are thee?
Raven hair, for it appears, has no death,
Your words whisper of winds long lost at sea,
Darkness doth command with a single breath.

Blinded, such you have obscured every star,
I am yours, now the only eyes required,
She of the onyx crown, goddess you are,
I, your nocturnal animal... Inspired.

Do you salvate all sin within your sight?
Let us sing, and submit to Nyx's night.