Love Poem: Runway


We grew up in times when
Lean bodies had all the guys
Picture perfect bodies that were light
The perfect definition of a barbie doll 

That's why people envied models 
Cause the screens made them popular
And now having a few extra pounds was an eyesore
Everyone wanted to be noticed 

But we didn't know how life for them was
Having to keep to a certain diet 
To have to do away with some foods
For it's not easy getting that lean body 

Others never has to hustle for it
For they came in lean bodies 
That however much they'll eat
The few extra pounds won't be gained 

And this caused obsession to the rest
Which turned into hate of the mirror
Making some to opt to wear more clothes
Just to appear slightly bigger 

Many started starving themselves
And even though it would pay off
It came at an expensive pay
Losing their health as it was eating away 

I guess everyone wants to look good
But the extents to which we go
Shows how nothing stops us in the pursuit
But at what cost exactly ?? 

The PO£T