Love Poem: Running the Cycle
Trudy Schrader Avatar
Written by: Trudy Schrader

Running the Cycle

You hated that cycle
Stationary, destructive
You would never ride
You would be instructive behavior

The moment she arrived
You held her in purity
Cuddling and kissing
The absolute assurity 

Less than a year, gone
And you found yourself on
That blackened throne
You recognized wrong doing
Certainly worth pursuing
Getting her out of the zone
...destroying thoughts

It was skin on the petal
Chasing the air with bladed medal
Numb to screams of pain
Til the nasty demon was slain
...crying MERCY

Years past her trauma
She had created a world of drama
Blaming you for all her sorrow
You had become what you loathed
Completely clothed
In the wardrobe you had to borrow
...for the exercise

Sweet daughter, you have value
Still a baby in Mama's arms
It is the trauma that cycles
Bringing all that destroys and harms


Written by Trudy Schrader on 01-04-2023