Love Poem: Runes of Rue

Runes of Rue

you ...

were there, of-a-sudden ...
standing beside me
after nearly three tens of years -
right beside me
like no time had passed
as if broken hearts, new lovers and
children, and a river's tears had
not flowed downstream ...
as if those fading cares and
choleric words had never poisoned
the air between us ...
as if time hadn't weathered
our hearts, or a
million I love you's drowned in a
sea of unwelcome change ...
you were beside me once again
and it felt so good
so wonderfully ... NORMAL
we began talking, in
the very comfortable, easy way
we always had - our gaze
dancing eyes-to-lips-to-eyes
as they used to, and
before any conscious thought
had settled in my mind
I found myself longing for what I
realized (at once) I had
missed so dearly -
your kiss ...
and though you now, after
half a lifetime of separation and
unknown consequence, stood
close enough for me
to catch the divine fragrance of your
hair, and but a bend-at-the-waist
away from tasting the
mouth that I had lost my
senses in so many times, the lips
that had whispered my name
so dreamily in countless number -
sexy secrets that only I
could understand ...
though you were near enough
for me to see my
reflection in the burnt umber
wonder of your eyes ...
you may as well have been
on the moon ...
for you were now the
one thing that would keep me
forever from your embrace -
the one thing that doomed me to
a life of lonely regret ...