Love Poem: Run With Me
Jennifer Ortega Avatar
Written by: Jennifer Ortega

Run With Me

August 5th was the first time we met,
I thought I would never see you again after this warped tour set.
I glanced at you with just a smile,
This smile stuck for a great while.
I thought I would never see you after this,
I sat in my desk first day of school look who it is.
I recognize you from a mile away,
Could it be that guy from that one day?
He sits right in front of me,
I still couldn’t comprehend could this be.

When I first saw him on the 5th,
A part of me died, like in a fairytale myth.
I knew I wouldn’t ever see him after,
Until the silence broke the laughter.
He walks in to my class with a glance over at me,
My mouth dropped, it was like I lost my ability to see.
This guy I been thinking of since that day,
I didn’t have the guts to say what I wanted to say.

Now three months later, we are close in a way I never thought could come true,
It’s like I caught the love flu.
My heart is so comfortable around you,
Why do you have to make this so hard to do.
I am so deeply falling for this,
Please just one chance for this feeling I miss.
I know you love me as much as I love you,
I know this is hard; my heart is like a zoo.
It is just going wild,
I never felt this feeling before, I feel like a child.
The way my heart beats,
It’s so insane I feel like it’s just a repeat.
I have found the one I want to take a chance with,
Just remember the 5th.
The first time I fell,
You did too I can tell.
Take my hand and runaway with me,
This isn’t even close to the end you see.
I am ready to run away,
I am just waiting for you to say ok.
But just remember the day we met,
It was the 5th of august the day I won’t ever forget.