Love Poem: Run
Sandy Schermerhorn Avatar
Written by: Sandy Schermerhorn


Life and dreams
Fate and losing schemes
The endless sleepless nights
The days where nothing goes right
Moving on, settling in
Not knowing just where to begin
The never having any fun
From all this
I need to run

I feel despair
The pain I cannot keep having to bear
You asking why so much do you care
The emptiness within me
The loneliness that's become forever to be
It completely surrounds me
Love standing there before you
But you don't know what to do
Love's holding you up and you without a gun
From all this
I wish I could run

All the desperate hours
The deepest darkest sorrows
Knowing I still won't have
You here tomorrow
The need to see this through
The hoping I can stop being so blue
The crying all the time
Losing all reason all rhyme
Regrets yeah I have some
From all this
I want to run

Your eyes
Those ones that I fantasize
Starring into mine
Your arms
That lifted me high
Made me feel safe
When holding me tight
Your lips
That kissed me just right
All the other things
That I've never lost sight
The places we've been
Places we still need to see
Hoping all the time that you to
Will realize we were meant to be
I would love to with you
Watch intently the setting of the sun
And in you arms
Is the only place I need, wish, and want so much
To run