Love Poem: Run
Al'Monique Vaughan Avatar
Written by: Al'Monique Vaughan


im scared
the discovery of self inside of someone else is misunderstood education. im 
not consistent with the principles of a relationship, im not even sure i 
understand the mere foundation. the unbalance of man and woman is known, i 
teach better than i live. the co-existence of kinetic energy on the sphere of 
humanity, the perservation of eden, in the extension of adam and eve in their 
purity. i find the complexity is not always intriguing can be exhausting but i 
love from every sense. touch with my spiritual, feel with my mental, taste with 
emotion, hear with soul interlock all with my physical b/c i dedicate my 
existence to the definition of black love, the recovery of the love movement 
where we lost us. it's me, im full of emotion i rise from 0 to 100 in a - 3 
seconds, i expect submission b/c we're no longer children. i discovered it's too 
much!! he after him always left me at the same space, thinking it was the lack 
of knowledge in self, confidence and pride that dismissed them from my life. 
without him i discovered it was me. 
im scared
im not seeking the answer of why love but why hasn't it trusted me. the insane 
asylum of love, i've committed myself to liberation rehab for those who can't 
discern the mysteries of dedication to our better halves. my reflection is 
painted on a water colored canvas, the colors have drifted becoming a blob of 
mundane rhetoric, i don't care to define. i succumb to the desolation of gray 
tint, until my artist conceives inspiration to paint with me. 
rememberance without memories, a story that's told without solitude b/c i 
forgot my pen to rehearse my serenity. FORGIVE ME!!