Love Poem: Rosie's Loneliness Prevails
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Written by: Lu Loo

Rosie's Loneliness Prevails

Rosie sat feeling forsaken along the reverie’s shore.
She knew know life would lead another path than before. 
      Loneliness devoured with her toes covered in the sand, 
      she wondered if she’d ever find anyone else to understand. 
Someone to hold her tight, not make her feel like a chore. 

Her long flaxen locks flowed gently in the warm breeze.
For she was ready for a love to put her soul at ease.
      This time was different, she was the one who was pained,
      all this sadness and humiliation was making her drained.
All she craved was those waves to make her woe cease. 

She wore a gown of ivory silk from the previous night.
For she had not anticipated yet another long fight. 
      This morn she awoke distressed, so she went to the place
      where she met her beloved who left without a trace.
She was so weary and tired with joy far from sight.

With each passing cascade she wept more and more. 
She needed passion in her life, affection to implore. 
      When will she leave this scene so astonishing?
      Maybe she just can’t since she feels diminishing. 
Rosie sat feeling forsaken along the reverie’s shore. 

I chose picture #2 "Woman on the Beach".
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November 1, 2018