Love Poem: Roses For -- Pd

Roses For -- Pd

The Aqua-BLUE Rose, ROSE of  “SORROW “
Two Orange Roses Grown at Sunrise ; Tomorrow
Remembrance of LOVE, Three Yellow ROSES
True LOVE, the seeds with-in YOUR Heart ; Four Red Roses
Five Blushing Pink Roses, in Shyness, my Valentine is YOU 
Pure White Roses, a half dozen Strong, Bloom Eternally for YOU
Triangulated with Three Gardenias, the flower of Courtesy and Respect 

Inspired by the Contest : ROSES ARE RED. Violets are out of the question~
LOL~ ROSES FOR PD~~ Dedicated to the Magnificent POETESS - PD 
                             Written by HGarvey Daniel Esquire

             Author’s Note : Once again I was to Late for the Contest
             LOVE ALWAYS and FOREVER YOUR Liege…Harry