Love Poem: Rose So Blue
Linda Barr Avatar
Written by: Linda Barr

Rose So Blue

The tragedy of intolerance causes unneccessary pain. How can people be so blind. Love is not gender specific.

Oh, rose so blue
Dripping with the evening dew
Your petals are so alive
Without the rain, you continue to thrive
While the petals of the flower inside of me
Are quickly wilting in this reality 
Our mating was just society’s game
For the end of our romance none can be blamed
Both understood it that price that must be paid
To live in this society our secrets must remain in the shade
Some like us walk in the shadows living a double life
But he chose acceptance, I agreed, and became his wife
But something happened on the day we wed
I fell in love, many tears were soon shed
My life was filled with regret
How would I ever forget?
But today I understand
He loves another man
In this we were the same
Our marriage was just a game