Love Poem: Rose Petals Adorn Her
James Fraser Avatar
Written by: James Fraser

Rose Petals Adorn Her

On our bed she lies naked
Astride black satin sheets
Her body stood to attention
As our skins start to greet

I work my way up
From her feet to her thighs
Peeling rose petals
As i look in her eyes

She sighs as they fall
As my kisses caress
Adventurous hands
In wandering impress

Her hips i grip
As i sense her perfume
My love and i
In our marital bedroom

More petals descend
And grace her breasts
As we kiss with passion
And join with zest

Our love ignites
In joyous mix
As our eyes meet
In love, transfixed

We cuddle spooned
As she lies into me
Rose petals adorn
Her heavenly body