Love Poem: Rose


Your open petals,
Warm scent, welcoming smile
Ignites a fire from a mile;
Flame of passionate unwrought metals.

Please do not quench it that burns
But does not consume.
Let me be covered beneath those hidden turns
Where I constantly want a part of me;
I'm convinced it's charmingly death dealing
But enigmatic and mysteriously inviting.

My eyes have seen enough,
I'm now strong, hard and tough,
I want a part too for my nose!

Let me feel your boundlessness,
The inside of your being;
The oily part, the New Testament's richness
Let me testify to your reign,
Let your fire consume me at once
Let me taste death in your hands!

Quietly release from your bud,
Let my insects pollinate your sweet essence:
The centre of excellence
And produce more lines of womanhood.

Do not extinguish this fire that burns
Through our forest of true love stories,
Let the fruit-eating birds
Disperse your seeds in their droppings;
Roses are red, let them regenerate.
And let the dead resurrect!