Love Poem: Rooms Without Doors
Leonard Taormina Avatar
Written by: Leonard Taormina

Rooms Without Doors

Bumpy roads and dead end streets;
Candy kisses with tasty treats.
Rocket thrushes to worlds unknown;
Soft embraces that felt like home.
Lusty wishes enchanting eyes;
Pounding hearts and hopeful sighs.
    Grown up wishes with childish minds;
    But love engrosses for she’s of your kind.
    So its diamonds rings with fluid rhymes;
    And circles joined for all of time.
     Dreamt up heavens with love sublime;
     But those perfect dreams you may not find.
They try so hard but it’s them that they lose;
So they sit at those cross roads unable to choose.
Wondering what happened did they miss any clues.
While searching the rubble for things they may use.
Time defends the ear so there never is news.
And I’m trapped in this painting of all empty pews