Love Poem: Romantic Night In
Titus Llewellyn Avatar
Written by: Titus Llewellyn

Romantic Night In

How bold revival leaves us both at home,

to scavenge the refridgerator store,

as gin and vermouth soothes the ice galore

Martinis' clink to toast ones connoisseur.

Whilst, 'sexual healing', sung by Marvin Gaye,

has repercussions soaking up romance;

canoodle with me, one more time I say,

I'm sure there's plenty time for us to dance.

With alcohol your beast it's safe to drink,

no place to leave, get killed or feeling bad,

to rearrange your travel makes me think,

for cosy nights shall rearrange this pad.  


Could nightclubs stoop in jealousy's outrage

By leaving them behind for home to stage.