Love Poem: Romance of the Moon
John Gondolf Avatar
Written by: John Gondolf

Romance of the Moon

Full moon above emits soft glow which gently falls to earth,
and poets’ pens write poems and prose, pay tribute to her worth.

Beneath the glow that warms the night, you see a couple stroll;
as hand in hand in pale moonlight, they share each other’s soul.

The autumn breeze in moon’s soft glow, blows gently in their mind,
and speaks of romance whispered low, and waiting there to find.

These lovers learn of lust and love beneath the gentle beams
emitted by the moon above, and fills their night with dreams.

With their embrace by moonlit lake, caresses in the dark,
young lovers long for love they ache as passions start to spark.

In hopes to find the dreams they chase and yearnings to fulfill,
they hold on tight in love’s embrace as all of time stands still.

The secrets that these lovers share, and only Luna knows;
romance and passions that they dare in darkness dimly shows.

With secrets safe in night’s stardust, the darkness is attune,
‘cause in her glow these lovers trust in romance of the moon.

October 5,2018