Love Poem: Romance
Ashley Sanich Avatar
Written by: Ashley Sanich


Your so cold some one call 911 how do you repair a broken heart
The room doused in are blood regrets so many how did we get here
Death is near
To die of a broken heart 
Tragic way to part
Once so in love but now reduced to this
Give me one final kiss
Breathing slows pulse fades please tell me it's only a dream
How could I treat you this way please don't leave I still love you
Broken inside
Trapped in burning lies
Drowning in your blood
Fading fast lost forever in your eyes
My chest pounds addrenallin soars through me at this tragic affair
Your screams I can't bear
I remember how we used to be so lost in love we were so young
As I hold you in my arms your barley able to speak
I to am weak
You whisper I love you