Love Poem: Rollover Baby
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Written by: Allan Terry

Rollover Baby

Atatine .00999 parts per million
Enough to power four continents
With my Matron Disstule Generator
One ounce can power enough energy
For one large city  They laughed at my
Science and ridiculed my beliefs I offered
them money, they said it was evil.
I trick them by giving them pallidium
Knowing they would have to use me to
refine it. Fair, fair, I was fair I asked for
there lands to began mining. I made them
Wealthy people  When some refused the deal
I smiled and walked away  And one night
I heard the gossip of cackling hens, speaking
Of me as foolish and how they wished to exploit
Me. I created the Scarecrow in response. My
Need to exist before all others. My wife lefted
divorced me and married my enemy. One July
Fourth she came to visit me crying.Asking me
to again trust her. She had fallen on hard times 
I took her in, for months it was like when we
Married. One night I was in the warehouse and
I heard giggles, I tiptoed to we're the noise was
and there she was standing . I asked her what
she was doing there she dropped her robe to
Inside me. I went to her and suddenly a large
Man grabbed me. I woke up tied to a chair in my
House  She and her husband making love before
Me. I reached into my pocket and grabbed my
Neutron fazor. And then suddenly to my surprise
Through the wall he came to rescue me, My Scarecrow,
My Scarecrow had come to life!