Love Poem: Roadkill
David Brown Avatar
Written by: David Brown


She begged him not to go that night,
we'll survive love, we can find a way
but if you must go, please tell me love,
you'll promise to avoid the lights

The forest was their home, their world
they knew each tree, each hump and hollow
they'd always lived there safe and sound
til the long hard strip unfurled 

It came one spring when they were young
brought by those who killed with noise
the monstrous beasts tore out the strip
through the forest where they'd lived so long

It was then the strange lights began to come
each day as their warm God left the sky
the hour when they would wake to eat
would now a fearful time become

Their young cried out for lack of food
his heart broke as he heard them
there was no choice, he must go now
they had to feed their brood

The strip had changed their forest land
divided into two from one
their safe lair lay deep in the woods
the water across the fearful band

He knew the salmon's spawning ground
was where he'd find their favorite meal
enough to keep the young ones live
across the dreaded strip he's bound

The lights would catch his limpid eyes
he tried to run, escape their hold
but futile was his bid to flee
the beams would have him mesmerized
She waited with their young for hours
she prayed to their pale God in the sky
but when she could no longer stay
she sought his trail with all her powers

She saw him then upon the ground
he'd made it cross the fearful strip
the effort must have been so great
he slept now, there so very sound

She called to him, her love, her mate
he didn't stir, perhaps he dreamed
of their life together in the woods
she had to know, she could not wait

She ran to him across the strip
her heart was pounding like a drum
her lungs exploding with each breath
she'd give her life to make this trip

The lights then, had her in their hold
she fought against them with her love 
to reach her mate, to touch again
to know that they would still grow old

Together now, they dream as one
of times before the forest changed
before the strip destroyed their world
their love still lives, though they are gone