Love Poem: Ripped Open
Amanda Andrews Avatar
Written by: Amanda Andrews

Ripped Open

You what?
How could you?
Ouch the pain, the ache, it hurts so bad!
What is this I cannot breathe, my heart! 
Help me, help me!
My heart I cannot move, the pain it is consuming me!
It feels as though I have been shot, shot in my heart!
What did I...?
How can this be...?
Who are you to hurt me?
Ripped open, shattered, bleeding out, crying out hear me!
You drifted away, tore away, broke away!
I have been ripped open, cut from left to right!
You stole my love, a thief in the night!
I look at you now and I start to shake.
You ripped my open and tore my heart away!
A powerful demon, a monster that spreads pain!
You went in and you ripped my heart away!