Love Poem: Rip Police Constable Keith Palmer 2017
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Written by: Stanley Harris

Rip Police Constable Keith Palmer 2017

RIP Police Constable Keith Palmer 2017.
By Stanley Russell Harris
The new mad author

Who shall we bury today?
Who has been taken away?
Not me yet I’m pleased to say.
So I can write these words today!

As we mourn loved ones lost.
Or friends we knew, in days gone past.
Lost to us but not high above!
Where innocents go to be loved.

Cry not more tears, I beg of you.
Remember me as you should do.
The last time you were full of glee.
Remember that time you spent with me.

We mourn a special man today.
Killed on duty policing I say.
Policing outside our country’s Parliament.
Unarmed on duty in these days of torment.

In heaven, he will surely take his place.
Head held high, with no disgrace.
So when we all pass Saint Peter’s gate.
Don’t be surprised to see his face.

Of course off-duty he will not be.
Saint Peter’s gate is so busy.
Yet all who queue to enter there.
Cause no trouble I do declare.

So when we finally do die.
Shake his hand, will you and I.
For he did not die in vain!
At Saint Peter’s gate he is on duty again.