Love Poem: Right Where the Heart Is
Paul  Machintosh Avatar
Written by: Paul Machintosh

Right Where the Heart Is

It was mad love. Right here where my heart is. 
Couldn't seem to let go of the rope, try as I might fight this
The meagre will power I could muster wouldn't allow me
The reality struck me with a strong blow to these strands of searching clarity, 
I need you. You were always right there smack in the middle of my soul, placidity within my toiling heart.

I don't know why but you make me happy,
You awoke a sleeping passion within my soul, something I never knew existed,
You gave my heart new meaning and purpose to beat,
Although these thorns of doubt try to constrict my reasoning, 
I always hear your voice like a conspiratorial whisper, reminding me how much you love me.
And how no mountain is too hard to climb.

There ain't no sun or shine strong enough to blind me from our love.
Despite the burning flames that might try to blind my heart,
I always see you clearly, I know what I want. And its you. Here.
I wont be deterred. Love alone is worth the fight. 
I know you feel the say way about me.
Its just a matter of days, hours, seconds....
Then you'll be home. Right where you belong,
Here, where my heart is. 
Us. Together. Forever.