Love Poem: Right Person, Wrong Time
Lillian Lam Avatar
Written by: Lillian Lam

Right Person, Wrong Time

I find myself looking at a vacant sky. 
If he is the one, then God I will pray. 
We finished high-school,
We're going to different colleges. 
I only wish I've met you in the future 
on a warm summer day. 

I tell myself "no you cannot fall in love."
I cry to myself that he will leave 
in the darkness of a cold winter day. 
I've been left before, alone,
to suffer in the storm
just to heal in time for you to come.

I'm your first, which makes it worse. 
I'm done exploring, yet I'm afraid you have not. 
You're kind,
you're loving,
you're wonderful inside and out. 
I only wish I've met you in the future
when my life is more stable than today. 

God, I pray that he is the one. 
God, I cherish the moments we have. 
God, I'm young, naive at best. 
God, why now does he come in to torture me? 
God, please, I beg that long-distance will last. 

Even if he is not the one, the memories will haunt. 
No matter how much I beg, I know my fate. 
Why so cruel does he have to be the right person? 
Why God have you gifted me an angel 
when my time hasn't come?