Love Poem: Right Or Wrong
Ts Lewis Avatar
Written by: Ts Lewis

Right Or Wrong

They say opposites attract
but love lies in the middle of our
Finally realizing a commonalty
in these life long processions
of division and simple equations
we’ve been over thinking
We can simplify things
remove labels, erase boxes,
step over imaginary lines, 
reprimand group thinking
and apply words 
to what seems so elusive
something resembling
 newspaper clippings 
glued together as a ransom note
without return criteria 
participated in a give and take
type of tug of war
 letting go and holding on
always on the outside 
of differences 
inside so insignificant 
one tiny grain of gravity 
that causes us to keep circling 
orbiting, drawing forever inward
to a foretold 
I told you so
a place where love abounds
where no one is right
and no one is wrong
just somewhere safe
secured in each other's arms.