Love Poem: Ride To Die
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Written by: Mirian Parrilla

Ride To Die

all good things must come to in end but who is to say it has to end that way 
we can change it up bring the sun out on a cloudy day drive away all of the fears of long lost years coming to in end dont let go of my hand for together we stand to weather the storms high and low together we glow threw the dark we see the light that guides the way out of despair we dare to bluff our way out for more time that seems to cut short with every breath of another day with you by my side together we ride or die it has been that way from our first hello tho we didn't  have halos we manged just fine threw our ups and downs and merry go rounds we often fell but held our own with little to nothing we manged never proud never too loud when the clouds and thunder rolled by and the rain washed the pain of hurtful words consumed with bad behavior but threw thick and thin my ride to die we stud by each others side an eye for in eye we will rise from the ashes to the butter fly's so freely they glide threw the  blue sky covered in rainbows of love taking a long ride just you and i my ride to die the road is wide open not yet explored leading the way to endless possibility's my faith out wights
negative vibes that come by like honey for the bees when ready to sting and take the joy life brings scares turn into beauty  marks to remind weave come so far on our journey of life my ride to die