Love Poem: Ribcage Blackhole
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Written by: Aa Harvey

Ribcage Blackhole

Ribcage blackhole

Shine a light down on me.
Show me a place where I can be,
Give me what I need.
I am so empty
And so full of apathy.

Give me directions to nowhere;
Resurrection without the prayer.
Send me to a place with nobody there.
Give me away.  Like you even care.

Give me a way throughout the fields.
Allow me to yield,
Under darkened skies;
Midnight does not terrify.
Out of sight;
Out of mind.
I see it all so clearly in my pitch black, broken mind.

I am on the inside, looking through frosted glass,
At the chances that I had and the vetoes that I passed,
To escape the tyranny of love.
The all-powerful, destroyer of trust,
Has become dust, in its own omnipotence.
Drop the dead donkey and the dead pretense.

So full of feelings for a world so without.
They drain my soul with their everything!
Their lovely lists, so full of lies, I doubt,
Number one is deny, deny, deny and then cry.

Crocodile tears tear away my years,
In the blink of an eye’s wink,
Are the real thoughts that they think.
Lovers on vacation,
Never sell your heart to a person who only has one notion.
Separation, of the heart and soul.
I am without, 
So I sink down into my hole.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.