Love Poem: Rhelmn
Allan Terry Avatar
Written by: Allan Terry


Seperating his experiences from
what he was taught he sought
words to decribe if his boredom
and laziness came from his ways
of finding shortcuts t9 get his workdone
Comparisions and compatiblity
Gave great conversation but it didn't
anwser the questions.
Explainations of similaritiess
the importance of each
and the value placed upon them all.
Wanting and needing neither
Finishes a task, and it only destracts
From why you are doing it.
Favorable and desirible results guided by
the need to be proud and effective.
I can't use the words of business to decribe love
And in love no words decribes business
Less complicated and less neglective
Might vacations relax the tired
and might interest and amibition inspire your
And might you have people in place to counsel
Your over eagerness
to bring a sence of togetherness to this place

From  The Rattlesnake Gutt Creek Annual Orcheastra's
Annual Suppernight Gala.

Written by
"France" Chepp Caulfinn
Bass, soprano, and flutest for
The Natrual laser guided porablesawmill band