Love Poem: Revolution of Love
Sankar  Sarkar Avatar
Written by: Sankar Sarkar

Revolution of Love

We born in love
We grown in love
We lived in love
We died in love

We pass moment in love
We relate together in love
We discover in love
We are in fame in love
Every thought and feeling
Every sensation and realization
Every rhythm in mind and soul
Engrossed in relative love
You and I, and I and you
Both living and nonliving
Both concrete and abstract
Melted in ever growing love
In nature or in space
In universe or in diverse
In hell or in heaven
Everywhere chained in love
From atom to molecule
From molecule to atom
In minutest pace of cell
Ever rhythmic in love
Visible and invisible
Relativity synchronize
Between lovers’ heart
We lucky we are in love