Love Poem: Reverse the Hate--Turn It To Love
Robin Davis Avatar
Written by: Robin Davis

Reverse the Hate--Turn It To Love

It is so hard to believe
How this world can not achieve
A more peaceful balance of love
Instead of how we push and shove
Our beliefs on others who
Only try their best to do
What is right for their own life
There's no need to cause such strife
On those who just want to be
Living without crazily
Being attacked for no purpose
We need to find the hidden surplus
Of caring that we all bury
Locked in the darkness we carry
In hatred violence we cause
Come on people put a pause
On the negativity
Dig down deep and you will see
How easy it is to care
For others--become aware
How much damage we're creating
To this world--when love is fading
More and more out of our grasp
It's not a big difficult task
To reverse the damage we
Have done in our society