Love Poem: Revenge Part 1
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Written by: Tristan Hays

Revenge Part 1

If you patiently watched the skylines
through these tough and trying times
you'll feel the thunder crash
and squint with lightning flash.
There you will see a story,
from way back in history.
So allow you mind to sail
through this girls most unfortunate tale.

Her name was Emma Lee
and at her wedding she would be.
Why shes still waiting? No one knows.
But the groom, he didn't show.
She stood there two whole weeks
until from her eye, a tear drop leaks.
As she turns to walk away
with not a single word to say.

As she steps out to the ledge
with nothing below, not even hedge.
She grabs her hair, the tangled mess
and looks down at her wedding dress.
Perfect white with satin lace,
at this time so out of place.
Pretty pearls and healed shoes,
she takes a step forward, nothing left to loose.

Falling downward, falling fast
she prays the pain, please don't last.
The pain in chest of broken heart,
of which now she is ready to depart.
When from the corner of her eye
she sees an angle in the sky.
He grabs her arm and sores up high,
on this day Emma Lee will not die.

She looks up at this wing-ed man
to focus her eyes as best she can.
To see blue eyes and golden hair,
giant wings and a chest so bare.
But Emma Lee sees a familiar sight.
The face of the angle in the nights moon light,
is that of the groom who didn't show.
How is this? She demands to know.

He sets her down in a meadow of grass,
“why did you do it?” the angle asks.
“I can't bare to live a life without you
and I can't understand why we are through.
You promised you would stay right by my side.
But now I can see, you don't want me as your bride.”
“Listen up Emma, I love you more than ever.
So please let me tell you, why we can not be together.”

The angle lifted up his hand
and with a swirl of glowing sand
a picture then appeared
to tell the story Emma feared.
As she wiped away the tears
and settled down her fears
she leaned in to learn the truth,
from this magic picture booth.

The picture showed her he was killed
by a man so anger filled
the morning he was heading
off to join his wedding.
But this man was her father
who thought that she should rather
marry young Prince William
and that is why he killed him.