Love Poem: Revelations In Spring
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Written by: Lin Lane

Revelations In Spring

No more coats and woolen mittens. It's a time of new beginnings, when a dormant world awakens from Winter's slumber. Thawing snow becomes dancing brooks, quenching the thirst of Mother Earth.  Birds feather their nests, trees bud anew, flowers open to bloom, and so does the love within my heart. The breath of Spring gives me reason to sing as I confess my love for you.

     Clear are the frosted window panes of glass.
     Winter coats and mittens are stored away.
     Visible are the blades of fresh green grass,
     As I feast my eyes on this sweet Spring day.

         Daffodils bloom, buds burst on maple trees.
         Trickling streams flow to a raging river.
         A songbird's sweet trills waft upon the breeze 
         I thank Spring for being such a giver.

             My heart also sings of love now unbound,
             But I would be guilty and thus remiss,
             If to you, the one my dear heart has found,
             I'd not bestow upon your lips, our first kiss.

                   I find it hard to breathe on this Spring day.
                   Because you have taken my breath away

November 18th, 2015
Haibun Free Style Contest