Love Poem: Reunited
Line Gauthier Avatar
Written by: Line Gauthier


Pretty young girl, in school and pregnant
Sixteen-year old mother, just a teen
Birthed a daughter and named her Edith
Had to give her up, it broke her heart
Through the years, she never forgot her
August third their anniversary
Inside she’d weep her birthday wishes
Sometimes she’d even light a candle
Atop a little frosted cupcake
She’d count aloud the years their passing
Imagine her wee one all grown up
This went on until she got married
Soon she started her new family
And she named her eldest son Eddy
No coincidence by any means
She wore her heart upfront on her sleeve
Without guile, she was an open book
Little Edith belonged here as well
Birthday cake on every August third
One night Edith did receive a call
No way could she sleep one wink that night
Aging, her biological mom
Had at last found her and wished to meet
So they reconvened and mended hearts 
Now August third had come full circle
Her whole family reunited
Soon she could die peaceful and fulfilled

AP: 2nd place 2020

Submitted on December 30, 2018 for contest 2019 POETRY MARATHON MILE 7 sponsored by MARK TONEY

and November 15, 2017 for contest MID NOVEMBER PREMIERE sponsored by BRIAN STRAND