Love Poem: Resolution
Keith Bickerstaffe Avatar
Written by: Keith Bickerstaffe


The strain of separation leaves a sore,
   sorrow abides and festers in the heart;
two star-cross'd lovers smitten to the core,
   despairing of the days they'll spend apart.

Spirit, soul and testament they share,
   blind to worldly consequences, broken
by the distance in between, for where'er
   their footsteps fall each retains a token.

Two rings confirm a union true and bold;
   connubial bliss that will not e'er be still'd
though time and tide would try to break the mold,
   a fire undying, passion unfulfill'd.

The day will shortly dawn when they will see
   an end to their despondency and pain;
two star-bless'd sweethearts who'll for ever be
   conjoined together, ne'er to part again.