Love Poem: Residing In His Love
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Written by: Sihle Simelane

Residing In His Love

Residing in his love

I remember sinking low enough to feel my heart throbbing when I realised every emotion,feeling and memory of your love was just an illusion,not just any illusion but an illusion I felt after every heartbreak I had ever tasted.
These were all the words I uttered and said proudly,profoundly because they were profuse.
And then I found a love amongst many.
A love so great it feels every void inside of me 
The love I wanted to need.
My last love.
Complete love.
Love has taken so many forms in the society I wish to call home 
Love is pain and hurt.
Love is patient but heartbreaking.
God-Loyal people showed me home in the love they gave me even when I resisted.
A mother who was selfless showed me sacrifice 
Love is what I found when I gave my life to Christ.
Godly love should be the only love known to mankind
I've found a home in Abba.
I've found a first love in all my mothers who've made sacrifices for their children and even their nation.
I've found a last love in God.
God is all the love i yearned for and never found.
Everything else fades but God's love is eternal.
God's love is everlasting.
God's love heals all wounds.
And mostly God's love is indescribable love.
Come to him all of you who are heavy laid and he will give you peace and joy
Just like many relationships God's love is perfect and it's worth it.
Love and life with him is worth fighting for 
God's love has taught me humility.
God's love has taught me to be a warrior,not just any but amongst many.
God's love has taught me how to care for my enemies without fighting and being a victor.
God's love is victorious.
Show me a love better than that and I will show you the holy bible to dispute that.

~Low-Key Poet??
-Sihle Simelane