Love Poem: Remembering
Christy Hardy Avatar
Written by: Christy Hardy


As I gather my thoughts of the passing year,
deep inside a tiny voice I hear.
One day at a time,
I try and recall,
the highs, and lows,
remembering it all.
The horror of a son,
trying to cope with life,
the death of my mother,
oh, the tears I've cried.
A little bit of happiness,
brings a trickle of hope,
and the understanding,
you can't push a rope.
A heart full of love,
for my family, and friends,
for without them,
my heart would not mend.
Writing my poetry,
and composing my music,
and realizing without God,
life is an empty song.
This is a new year,
with new hopes, and dreams,
and a new given chance,
that each one brings.
Happy New Year.