Love Poem: Remembering


Remembering a man
I met sometime ago.
Remembering that season
in which my life was so low.

Remembering his hug
with our first embrace.
Remembering looking up
and seeing his face.

Remembering his arms around me,
so tight and so strong.
Remembering how it felt
and how could this be wrong.

Remembering his touches
that were soft and tender.
Remembering with that,
my heart started to surrender.

Remembering that awful feeling
I had in my heart.
Remembering the day of his news
that tore it apart.

Remembering his phone call
that we could no longer be together.
Remembering his words,
he married another.

Remembering the many nights
I cried those tears.
Remembering, the memories of the two of us,
that I'll cherish for years.

Remembering the times
I spent with this man.
Remembering how he captured my heart
and held onto my hand.

Remembering being with this man,
on and off again.
Remembering, I would only lose
and never win.

Remembering our first
and our last kiss.
Remembering that man, whose name
was Chris.