Love Poem: Relationships
Tiana Tillman Avatar
Written by: Tiana Tillman


Commitment, dedication, 
even more so determination.
To make it work, to make it last, 
don't forget about communication. 
Give all of yourself, don't hold back, 
don't for a minute have hesitation. 
It may be frightening, 
it will be a struggle, 
but be steadfast, 
don't hide your feelings in a bubble. 
Be trustworthy, be headstrong, 
don't be afraid to take it on. 
Allow yourself to feel, 
open your heart, 
and profess what is real. 
Don't worry about getting burned, 
believe it or not that's how many people have learned. 
If it works out, you'll be the happiest that you could ever be. 
But you have to take a chance on love, that's the only way you'll see.