Love Poem: Reflect
Laura Breidenthal Avatar
Written by: Laura Breidenthal


I’ll be back for another glimpse of you
It’s crazy what you make me feel and do
As long as I know you are around,
I’ll be calm, safe and sound
I wish I can be your mirror,
To help you see what I do—
To block out all cruel fear
But the more I reflect off of your being,
The less and less of you I am seeing
You seem to leave me in the soil
I want to grow—but I fear I will spoil,
Before I ever get to see you in light
To watch you fly—to release the kite
They didn’t clap for you. . .
All was dead
But the sound of my fearful applauds plagues my head
I want to show you that I care
But I can’t find you anywhere
Lost in time but never forgotten,
Do you want this seed to turn rotten?
Do you want to see my downfall?
Do you not want to see me at all?
Maybe this is all a cursed illusion
I hate being stuck in the ground of confusion
Dig me out and tend to the rot—
Show me if you care or not
How long shall I wait around,
For something lost and never found?
I want to ease your wanting brain,
Before all emotions are left to drain
I guess if time will allow you back with me,
I’ll just have to lend you the mirror,
To find what YOU see

I shall reflect all I can for you
Because right now,
I don’t know what else I can do