Love Poem: Red To Black
Paul Murray Avatar
Written by: Paul Murray

Red To Black

Pain of the heart
When red turns 

Swallows whole souls 
The connection severed from 

Disconnect like a light switch 
Turn 180 

So much love to empty 

Floating in my world 
Staying isolated from everything
I just can’t 
I can’t step out
I can’t step out into
The world 

My head so down 
My heart beat so slow
Barely anything is felt
I feel nothing now

Love doesn’t exist in my world
Only pain
Take my heart now 
Take it out 
Just take it
Shred it to a million pieces now

I don’t care 
I have nothing inside
I have no beat
I have no beat to merge with you
We can’t beat as one 

I have nothing inside 
No heart 
No beat 
Seek someone else
Save me the pain
I’ve had enough pain 
Pain is all I feel now
Black is my emptiness