Love Poem: Red, do I love, Red do I hate
Nicole Seefeld  Avatar
Written by: Nicole Seefeld

Red, do I love, Red do I hate

He bleeds the power of a savage redcoat
Breaking the bones of his weak allies.
That love hurts
As much as you love to hurt.
Biting the face that endured your graze
Bleeding the blood that pumped your toxins
Singing the songs of the young girl's cries
Ripping the stem from the ground
Plucking the tiny pedals
With large, dirty hands
That set the forest in a blaze of fire.
Slowly, I rested that fate into those hooks.

I remember a love
That broke my touch with fantasy.
Never have I mended it’s cracks
So I stand behind yellow lines
Just above the tracks.
You handed me a rose
But our love wasn’t that special
Just a mutual desire
A dispensable choir
and conversations with fire.
Still, I was frightened by it
The love I almost shared even more.

Poison by caution 
As I cautioned with poison
To put more trust in my lust. 
Craved your used tool 
Of the famous rusted thrust.
But never could I accept it 
Even with a little trust.

I do not write with resent
Nor of a claim to our time
But only a tribute to a memory you will once forgot.
Once a friend, an enemy, a lover
Now a familiar distant stranger.
I dreamt you were more gentle on my foolish soul
Then maybe I'd fix the broken gap
That still oozes blood and sap
From my sorrow and spirted soul.