Love Poem: Reciprocity
Izintombi Zamambo Avatar
Written by: Izintombi Zamambo


It was a gray coloured afternoon, she wore her favourite colour - navy, dreads tightly hanged, body stiff while buried in her zone. She kept to her own, only spoke a few words but that alone was enough to leave me mesmerised. It had been my decision, a careful consideration, to put hold on men and seek something better. The plan was to explore what was known to man, to rid off past ache and resurrect the self-esteem. For my utmost pride had been tested, my joyous living had been manipulated - left to pick up all the pieces of my soul. We arranged a telephonic meeting based on whether or not to engage with the new development of a temporary union. Whispers made way to giggles, where laughter awaits. It had felt surreal - the lengthy conversation, whilst contemplating on what was to occur, - the very thought of us as one...
06 October 2022 'Chapter 1' Poetry Contest Sponsored by Matt Caliri