Love Poem: Reciprocate
Steven  Mwakatundu Avatar
Written by: Steven Mwakatundu


I wanna wake up to the tune of your call 
before the birds compose the morning anthem
dance to the rhythm of your love songs, at the blink of nightfall

Mesmerise my soul, with the sound of your voice
melt this icy heart, with the words of your choice

Slice a portion of your time, for my take away
a pinch from your busy schedule, please make a way

Lets bump shoulders once more
Reheat the connection gone cold
walk in the sands of promises we swore

I crave to be on the receiving end too
Reply  your“I  love  you”text, with"i love you too"

I renew my vows for the hundredth time
reciprocate my love, for our hearts to rhyme