Love Poem: Receipt
Rommell Noble Avatar
Written by: Rommell Noble


Allow me to advise to those that listen, on 
who you give your heart to. A part true, I 
had and have scared few. None of this 
part new, but there's something I have to 
tell you. 1st know your limit, for hearts 
weak and timid get bold when love is in it. 
2nd know how far to take it, for giving one 
your all will leave you vacant. 3rd think 
sensibly, believe half of what you hear and 
all of what you see. For love is a tough act, 
people don't always speak what they 
appear to be. And yes, your heart is as 
easy as 1-2-3. As steady as it beats, keep 
that pace steady in your feet. Know your 
heart is like anything, it is what you eat. If 
you feed it hate, that's what it will create. 
Just saying, be careful what you put on 
your hearts plate. Also there's something 
you shouldn't have to learn, a heart's 
precious. Shouldn't be given away, it's 
something someone has to earn. Believe 
me, for don't we all think less of things 
given free? Lastly, realize your heart is 
fragile. Over time it gets weak. All I ask if 
you give it to someone, keep the receipt