Love Poem: Reborn Inside Your Creation
Lu Loo Avatar
Written by: Lu Loo

Reborn Inside Your Creation

For I have been reborn inside your creation,
resounding in tenderness and renown pulchritude-
        Our love straight from the immortal fairytale book
bringing to me the most enticing emotional sensation. 
Artisan emotions of deep and genuine multitude,
        for your eyes enchanted me with one intense look-
        and to think one night with just you is all it took.

Believe me in faith when I say I’ll never leave,
for you have become my true reason to exist.
        You’ve left me no choice but to love you perpetually,
and I’m okay wearing my humble heart on my sleeve. 
When you touch me like that I cannot seem to resist,
        as you crave my undying thirst for you exceptionally. 
        For I’ve been reborn inside your creation…effectually. 

January 22, 2019